Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shop Updates

Hello friends! 

This week has been so productive for the shop.  I have introduced a new product which is shoe tags for runners.  These can be inspirational, motivating and fun for those athletes and runners in your life.  

If you want to have some custom shoe tags made, I am taking orders.  You can go to my shop and send me a message.  I can create a Custom Listing for you to purchase.  Right now the only color is silver and size is about 2 inches long.  They will fit most tennis shoes. I hope you guys love these and want to see more.  

The shop was updated yesterday and today with a few more cuffs.  If you love to create there is a cuff just for you!  I also added a new cuff color. Let me know how you like them:-) 

Have a blessed week and talk soon! 


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