Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Snaps and Rain Showers

Hello Friends! 

It is hot here in Tennessee. The temperature has been in the 90's plus high humidity which is common here.  The rain showers cool us off a few degrees when they happen here and there.  Yesterday I loved sitting in my craft room, which has windows lined across the wall, watching the rain pour down and the wind blow the trees from side to side.  It is so peaceful to watch a short storm come through and then leave quickly bringing forth the sun shine behind it.  Reminding me how God has always brought me through dark times in my life of sin. When I felt like the darkness would not end He walked with me into the light.  I just had to repent and turn away from that sin and even the temptation in front of me.  Thank you Jesus for always bringing sunshine and peace! 

I have been in the studio working on designs for men's cuffs.  I was asked if they were only for women and I had not thought about that but they definetly can be designed for a man.  The cuff color can be brown, black, tan, or grey.  Those are the manly colors I came up with that I thought would appeal to men.  What do you think? What words or scripture verse would your man like on a cuff? 

I am also designing the cuffs to have a snap instead of a button closure.  I think this is more manly too.  
Snaps are tricky but I am trying them out with the fabric so I can figure out the best construction.  I want to create a quality bracelet for you so wearing the cuff and testing is essential.  

Received new bags for packaging my cuffs. I like them better than the burlap ones so there will be LOTS of sewing on buttons😁.   I hope if you like them too if you have purchased a cuff from the shop! 

Hope you can sit in peace this week and enjoy a ☔️ rain shower. 

Grace to you


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