Thursday, June 18, 2015

How do you take a selfie?

Hello Friends! 

Okay this week I learned something.  How to take a selfie:-) LOL!  I know I am not a teen or a twenty something why am I taking selfies?  My business needs photos and style photos I am a cheap model. Ha!
I am always seeing these amazing photos of people on Instagram and wonder do they have a photographer with them all day? Or does their husbands or family members follow along with the camera? I have even wondered, does Mommy teach the kids to hold the camera for them?  Am I the only one who has thought about this?  Crazy I know, I feel like I am behind on a lot of things and this is one of those times.
The secret is proping your iPhone on a table or iPad on the cover stand and using the camera timer. You can use the 3 second or 10 second option and press start.  Genius right? This is how you can take pictures of yourself in action or maybe those style photos for your shop. I wanted to style my wrist cuffs with outfits and take more pictures to share and this is how I was able to because no one in my house can take a picture with out it turning out weird.  So I gave it a try and here are the results.....  Definetly not a model but I think it shows my style and how to wear my cuffs.  


                           Wrist Cuff shown: REDEEMED ( Currently in the SHOP


I really like this casual style cuff that shares a great message. My dress makes me want to be at the beach (sigh) maybe next year.
Leave me a comment if you want to share with me about your experience taking pictures.  

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