Friday, June 12, 2015

Four Letter Word: BUSY

Hello Friends!

My days seem to always feel BUSY.  Do your days feel the same too?  I work 4 days a week and then on weekends I work from home creating and knitting for my Etsy shop.   Last week I took a little break from knitting because my wrist was hurting from overuse.  The doctor didn't give me diagnosis but the steroid he gave me was terrible unless you like no sleep or mood swings. My family was happy I stopped taking them.  It seems rest is the best medicine.

I am knitting new cuffs for the SHOP reopening soon! I am thinking the opening will be June 29th because of the 4th of July holiday.  Here is a sneak peek at one:-)

I also am redesigning the cuff and will have a few to choose from.  This green color I am not sure about but you can let me know what you think? 

I am so excited to be blogging and sharing with you about what's happening and if you want to see more photos you can Follow on Instagram ( link is on side bar ) 

Thank you guys for supporting me in this "new" blogging adventure.  I am really working hard to get my shop going strong and I can't wait for what the future holds this year! 

Have a great weekend💚


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