Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hi friends! 

Welcome to my blog and the beginning of my attempt to post here what I have been up to in the way of knitting, spinning, sewing and southern living! First of all, my name is Tracy and I live in Tennessee with my husband and three children which are my greatest accomplishments in life. 
So, I will leave you with photos of some of the fun projects I have been working on this week. 

Today I will be finishing my Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl. Pattern is on Ravelry and by the amazing designer Paula from the Knittingpipeline podcast. You should go listen if you haven't:-) 

Handmade fabric coffee mug cozy. This is such a cute sewing project I created this weekend and love them! I have a Etsy shop which right now has free shipping until FEB 25. Use coupon FREESHIP and go to my shop!

Have a great week and happy crafting! 

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