Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Vacation TIme!

Hello freinds!

School is out and this year my word is focus. In that word, I want to focus on more Jesus time and hearing from Him for my business and family.  These next few weeks while my son is out for Summer break I want to not take any time for granted. This will really be the first time I have had this kinda time with any of my kids. So believe me, I am very grateful to God to have this time.  I will be praying for this community and what the rest of the year is going to look like!

So with me using this time wisely I am closing the SHOP for a short vacation. I don't have a date to reopen. Thanks for being here and supporting this business and I am grateful for everyone of you in this community.

Again, I hope you follow along to see what the next few weeks hold for me and you enjoy every moment with family as well.



Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Encouraging Tools for Brave Moms

Loved Skinny Copper Cuff

Hello friends!

This Sunday we will celebrate Mother's Day and I am not sure how many of you are mothers but you probably have a Mom who raised you right? Moms are brave because they are fighting the battle for our children.
Motherhood for me was something far off and never did I desire to be the mom. It wasnt until I married that I had the desire and maybe it was a combination of emotions at the time but my husband and I began our family very soon after our marriage. It is now that I can say that motherhood was a blessing. For years in the trenches of youngsters I couldnt have given you one bit of encouragement or advice I dont think. It was hard. It is with age comes wisdom in parenting.  Anyway motherhood was a gift from God. I realize not all women will be a mom like they hoped or maybe they have lost the baby they prayed for. We can still mother in so many ways.  If I know anything it is that God provides.
 It is with the strength of my Lord that I have raised my children, two adults and one teenager. I can not say a word with out praising God my Father for providing for us and loving us.  Prayer is the one tool not only moms use but we as believers must use it daily as well.
Our families are battle grounds for satans attacks so be on guard.  I thought I would share some of my favorite tools that maybe you can use to declare truth over your family as a mom.  And maybe you get an idea or two for gifting them :)

-Well Waterd Women 
 This is a company that believes as I do putting the Word before the world can change your day and life. It will be a practice that changes you for your family.  They have great free study resources as well as beautifull tools like my favorite prayer journal

-Find Wonderous Things
This company has my favorite bible tabs I use in my bible as well as beautiful journals and tools.  There are some free resources as well to encourage your heart. I love the declaring truth printable

-Risen Motherhood
This company of women is also an excellent resource for encouragemnt in the study of God's Word not only for you but teaching it to your children. If you have small children you will want to check them out! I love that they have free bible study guides HERE  You can use these to learn if your new to studying the bible. They have a podcast as well so you can get in some parenting encouragment during the day.

-Tokyo Blossom Boutique
This company is a fun boutique that creates cute and practical gifts for mom. Julie is the owner and she creates the cutest coffee cozies HERE and tote bags HERE  As a mom I use totes all the time and carrying all the coloring books and essentials to church. Moms need a tote.

Well I hope you found something helpful in some of these places I mentioned.  I would love to hear any resources you would like to share with me in the comments. 
I pray each of you have a blessed week celebrating you mom and family as a Brave Mom!

your sister in Christ,