Monday, November 20, 2017

Grandma's TableCloth

Hello Friends!
November is here and Thanksgiving is this week.  I don't have a lot of decorations but there is one special piece of d├ęcor I do pull out especially for Thanksgiving dinner. It is a hand embroidered table cloth my Grandma owned and passed to my Mom and now I use it since my family comes to my house for Thanksgiving dinner.  This tablecloth makes me so happy just looking at it and brings back to mind so many Thanksgiving dinners my Grandma use to cook for us. She cooked for hours every year the day before and the day of Thanksgiving along with her Sisters help sometimes when she could. Grandma would be so tired when we arrived for dinner but she always greeted us with a big smile, a soft hug and I love you!  I now know how hard she worked because I have taken over her tradition.
  I could look at all the cooking I have to do this week as a chore but I instead I will look at it with a grateful heart that I can pass my Grandma's hospitality along to my children.  I want them to always know there is a warm meal, hugs and I love you's every Holiday.
I pray you also have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving as well!

Tell me your special memories of Thanksgiving?  I love to hear about how others celebrate holidays too.

Be Blessed!

                                                               Grandma's  tablecloth

Just a update on something new in the SHOP...

I thought this song had to be on a bracelet. I couldn't get it out of my head,  Rejoice in the Lord Always!  And I had promised to get this color in the shop and now its available.  The color is called Truffle Shuffle.

*Remember if you order a Custom Design Cuff in the SHOP you can request any color in the shop. You can also change cuff colors on any cuff already predesigned in the SHOP.

Rejoice in the Lord Custom Stamped Bracelet

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Looking for a New Bible?

Hello Friends!

What kind of bible do you use? That is a question I hear from a lot of people. There are so many bibles to choose from and WOW the choices. Have you even went into the book store lately and looked? I am sure if you have you were overwhelmed.
There are as many translations as there are different kinds of bibles. Marketing seems to appeal to all kinds of consumers such as women, men, outdoorsman, illustrators, mothers and don’t forget the options of leather, hard bound, cloth linen, as well as bibles from very popular bible study shops like She Reads Truth .

Here are few popular ones I have seen lately The Jesus Bible , ESV Study Bible , and if you like to illustrate or color this bible you might like the Beautiful Word Bible .

I have used different bibles over the years but the ones I really like are the not so heavy in weight and easy to read. I usually go with English Standard Version or ESV.  As I study,  I can always refer to different translations online like using Bible Study Tools which is so much easier and cheaper than actually having a different bible on hand.

Do you do that too? I feel like online study tools are so easy to find and refer to. I mean you technically could read the bible online and not own a physical copy. The draw back to that I see is taking notes in the margins or highlighting important words for later study although you techy people probably know how to do all that stuff on your device. Right? LOL

As far as your next bible purchase I would suggest these 3 things

1. Get a bible you can read and has a literal translation of the original text.  Does not change the Word of God.
2. Get one that you love the color and over all design so you will want to carry with you. (Not heavy maybe?)
3. Get a bible with you desired print size. (Large or Regular print)
4. Most important get a bible that you will read and enjoy learning God’s Truth!

My latest bible purchase is the The New Inductive Study Bible .   I am attending the Precepts Ministries Fall Women's Confernce in a few days and so excited to learn how to study the bible inductively.
Kay Arthur is the founder of Precepts Ministries. She and others on her team teach the inductive method for studying the bible. I personally have not used this method until now.  I think as we grow in our relationship with the Lord and seasons change in our lives different methods are a good thing.

Share with me your bible you are using right now? And what methods help you in your daily walk?

I really hope this helps you in finding your next bible.

In Christ

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bring on Fall

Hello friends!

Fall has finally arrived in Tennessee.  Today was so cool I had to cozy up in a sweater and that is exciting for me.  The leaves on the trees are turning shades of red, yellow, and copper. We don't live in the Eastern part of TN where the mountains display the trees in grandeur but our Western part is still beautiful nonetheless.

As the temperatures drop, I am even more inspired to knit. The shop has a few colors leaving because I am sold out so that means new ones will be showing up!

Here is one I am excited to show you.

It is called Truffle Shuffle. I am thinking the word 'rejoice' for this cuff. What do you think?

I have to say you guys design the best bracelets.  Some of my best sellers are the ones You designed. I am grateful for each of you helping me in this creative journey.  hAndmade knits by trAcy would not be what it is if I did not have faithful friends like you returning to the shop and encouraging me.  I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The other things happening around here is that I have started a new bible study. It is called the Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer.  If you read last months post  where I read her book Fervent , then you know how powerful a message it is.  I highly recommend one or both books.  I know the power of prayer works and am excited to dig deeper into God's Word about it.

Will you be joining me in bible study? Or have you already done it? Please share with me.

Just for my blog readers you can receive 10% off your order in the SHOP

Talk Soon Friends!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mid Week Refreshment

Hello Everyone!

This week I was lead to read through Psalm 23. This chapter has 6 powerful verses of comfort and refreshment.  I have never been a early morning riser but this week God nudged me to get up at 5:30am.  Yes I said 5:30 AM.  LOL!  Now this is something that isn't easy for me but I knew this was something I need to do in obedience to His calling.  You see the last few weeks I know I have been doing everything in my own strength and letting things such as work control my thoughts and leaving me feel exhausted.  You know the feeling right?

So Sunday night, I knew Psalm 23 would be a perfect way to restore my weary soul by reading through this chapter taking the next 6 days to focus on each verse and writing out the scripture.
God's word really sticks when you read, read and read it again plus writing it down.
So if you want to follow along each day I am recording Live Audio over on my Facebook Page where I keep you updated better of what is happening at Handmade knits by tracy 

Today is day 3 and I already can see walking in obedience to His Word has given me joy and a revived feeling.  May we as women not grow apathetic to the Word of God and forget how it truly satisfies our thirsty souls. 
I would love for you to share what book of the Bible you are reading through and what God is teaching you. If you are reading along with me please share with me what God is teaching you.

Bless you friends


Saturday, September 2, 2017

New Things Coming

Hello Friends!

It has been too long since I have posted what's new around here.  I thought I would let you all know what's been happening.  First, I have been working on new photos with photographers and a New Website in addition to my Etsy Shop.

There is always more to improve on the site and it seems to be a work in progress.  I am new to all the techy stuff but I figured it out!  I am still trying to improve in business and creating encouraging accessories for you is still my passion.

Fall is upon us and everyone seems to love the new Fall colors I have in the shop.
Here is look at just a few favorites.

Faith over Fear cuff shown in "Green Leaf Hut " 

Keep in  mind all my cuff colors are limited so when they sell out I can not get them again (most of the time)

If you follow me on Facebook you can find more encouragement and video updates of what I am reading. Right now I am reading the book Fervent  by Priscilla Shirer.  I shared my initial thoughts on it there if you want to see and tell your thoughts on the book if you have already read it.
Are you praying strategically in your life too?  Or have any tips for a fellow praying mom:)

I hope you guys have a great Labor Day holiday weekend! I will be celebrating my birthday so I am sharing a 15% off coupon with my followers so if you are reading this you get to use it! The code is MYBIGDAY use this at checkout in either shop. Offer is only good until 9/4 midnight CST.

Bless you friends!
Psalm 115:1

Knitter & Maker 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rainy Days

Hello friends!

I have been enjoying the Fall weather here in Tennessee. The trees have finally started to turn beautiful shades of orange, red, and gold.  I can turn off the air conditioning and raise a few windows which I love to do.   The football season so far for the TN Vols has been a little crazy for us fans but we still are hanging in and are hopeful. 

News in the Shop

The holiday season is coming soon and I am gearing up for it.  Lots of new things already in the shop and I am organizing for upcoming holiday shows. 

The rusty ornaments are in the shop now and you can choose from a heart, cross, or a star. They all can be customized with words and can be silver or rust finish. You decide:) 
I love them and think they will make great gifts this Christmas!
Check the Etsy Shop

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shop Sale!

Hey friends,

I wanted to let you know what's going on in the shop this week. If you have been thinking about getting a one of a kind cuff from my shop Now is time:) 

Free Shipping is going on in SHOPuntil Friday! Use the coupon code INSTAFREE  at checkout. 

I am excited to ship you and handmade cuff or if your want to design your own, message me any questions.  I am happy to knit your cuff in any color in the shop( if available upon request) 

All cuffs listed are ready to ship, so go check them out now before there gone!  

I love sharing your photos wearing your cuffs. This one stole my heart:) 

Have a great week!